Hey I am new to this site, I came across this on google, just feel like I need somewhere I can get things out of my head without upsetting or worrying those around me....not that there are many people close to me now, most of my friends are too busy to deal with someone who is miserable most of the time... I have suffered from depression, anxiety and paranoia for the last 3 years, at times it has reached a point where I could cope with it then all of a sudden I am back to feeling like I do right know. In all the time I have suffered from depression and the rest I have never felt as bad as I do at the moment, this is the lowest I have ever been... I have been signed off from work for two weeks as I cannot deal with the stress of being at work... I know that people at work will not understand and they are probably not happy with me but I need to try and feel better somehow!!