Its been about 3 years now since I had a terrible panic attack.

I had terrible insomnia for months after that and what developed was these silver/sparkles in my daytime vision. Is this some entopic phenomena??

I understand some people have this for 3-5 seconds after exertion, this is not what im talking about.

I have had floaters since i was 13 so Its not those either. Those don't bother me at all

Its just these constant sparkles that I see when I look at everything in the day time. Brightlights, Dim Lights, I see them shooting around in any other direction ??

Did anybody else have this.. I have posted in several other forums and just said its a NORMAL occurence in our body that you are just noticing more. The problem with this is that I dont look for it, iTS JUST there.

People say they see it sometimes when their tired, but thats not it I see it all the time