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    I'm Fading Away Inside

    So its been a while since I've been here or said something to anyone on this site about my anxiety or how I've been... and in all reality, I've been getting worse and worse. I wish my anxiety was a static thing and once I learned to deal with it one way, that way would work and I could feel normal sometimes, but I fucking can't. Everything in my life is different now, I feel deflated and numb. Sometimes I get worried that one day I'll just be completely unresponsive. I always feel either numb or sad, and frequently I feel like I'm detached from my body.. so strange like I'm about to fall forward and pass out. My creativity and interests have 100% faded away.. I'm supposed to help redecorate my room soon (which is somethign I've wanted to do for a very long time) and now I just cant bring myself to think about it. Its the weirdest thing and I wanna throw up explaining it because I feel like its a sure sign that I'm doomed. Im not enthralled to do anything.. I dont care if we paint it green. She said to order some posters online to put up but when I try to decide on what is me and what I'd like to see up there.. I get strangely dizzy and I just cant put things together in my head now like I used to.. Im so scared, and yet I feel like I dont care. I need help.


    but I dont want to tell my mom... I dont even feel right telling my Psychologist because I keep showing up at our sessions saying I'm doing better but I'm not, and I dont wanna make her feel tired of treating me because I dont seem to improve. My mom is more stressed out than ever and whenever I talk to her about things like this she just gets mad at me what all I want is for her to tell me everythign is going to be okay.

    I think I'm doomed..

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    hey jrayburn, just wanted to say I know exactly how your feeling my anxiety is too a point where everything seems grey I feel mostly numb most of the time and I struggle in trying to find something that I can give a shit about. I ignore most of my problems hoping to just get over it one day but its taking some time. So just know your not alone and if you ever want to talk you can message me. i think having someone to talk to is important and I understand not being able to talk to a therapist... I've been there. To put it bluntly i don't think your psychologist is gonna feel tired of treating you, I mean that's what they are their for and honestly they get paid either way. Not to sound like a dick but that's how I see it.

    Anyway, my names Thomas and I think we might be able to help each other so if you need me just message.

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    Don't be afraid to tell your psychologist. It's her job to help you, and if your getting worse, then you're paying for sessions full of bull shit.

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    that sucks. that totally sucks. i'm so sorry. tell someone, don't be afraid, keep fighting



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