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    I have had ptsd for decades and am NOT former military although my father was...

    I would like to find others who also have ptsd that is not military-related (although, I know some of mine is connected to my father's illness - eh - call it as it is - his injuries from war and all the time I spent in Military facilities/hospitals seeing so many vets from various wars of different ages. I was an unofficial 'candystripper' of sorts. I loved talking with them, but, in retrospect, I know it was all good at the time, I just did not do something to separate me from all that, and I still carry so much.) Those wounds drove through him for years after 'surgically healed' and all that and through us, his family.

    I have other ptsd issues, yay me - but, well, it's a multi-spectrum kind of thing.

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    Well, if you wanted to find someone, here I am. I was dxd with PTSD in 5/2010. NON-MILITARY. Trauma is trauma....it makes a scratch in your brain much like a scratch on a record. It's there. At first I thought I was losing my mind....seeing dead people everywhere. Finally, got a dxd when it didn't go away. It was, I suppose, always there (6/1978) but it was triggered in 4/5/2010 coming to the forefront and I didn't go to the dr until 5/2010 because I couldn't take it anymore. It's been a journey. :shock:



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