You are not alone in this. Reading what you wrote is like I could have written it myself. The unreal feeling that you get is called derealization. I get it all of the time, and even though I know what it is, it always scares me. I have completely stopped watching the news, and I try to stay away from their webpages. I have the same problems with being scared to death of any pain that I have, and if something happens to someone else I know I live in fear that it will happen to me. I talked to my therapist about this a while back, and she said I have a problem with acting like these traumatic events that happen to other people are happening to me. Like I go through all of the feelings and emotions that these things happened to me, but they really didn't. I also have the same problems with light and noise. It's like noise and light are magnified a hundred times. I also avoid any place with a crowd, and I have an over whelming fear of passing out, even though it has never happened. I also spend most of time feeling dizzy because of the constant anxiety. Something that I tell myself everyday is that it is just anxiety and eventually I will have control over it. I also feel alone like you do at times. It's hard to explain these things to people who don't understand.