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    This Unlock Spawn Points side quest is provided by ATM an NPC within the city, and requires participants to walk 26.2 miles. This must be done on foot. Using the BMX skateboard, skateboard or rollerblades will not count towards the total distance that is travelled. Also, the participant must be running and not walking. While tracking the quest, you’ll see progress indicators on the left side of the screen. So, users can always see how many miles they’ve run.

    The distance total is tracked in time and doesn’t require to be completed at once. Be aware that running at a distance won’t count, so continuously running will not work if there’s obstacles in the path. Once the players have completed the 26.2 miles and finish that quest the spawn points automatically be unlocked. A spawn point can be marked on the map as one of 7 locations.

    If you want to buy it, you can access

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