Other Phobias

About the Fear of Flying – The Psychology of Fear Fear is like a self-replicating computer virus. It needs only to start for it to develop a momentum of its own. It is difficult for anyone suffering from a fear to examine it objectively because the very process of examining it will change it, and in all probability change it for the worse. Our fears control many of our conscious and unconscious thoughts and a fear will gather information to support itself, while at the same time prevent us from collecting information to dislodge or deny it. Read More

Arachnophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of spiders and sometimes other arachnids, such as scorpions and harvestmen. It is among the most common of all phobias. Read More

Necrophobia is defined as the fear of dying or as the fear of the dead. It is a fear that most of us share, but don’t even realize it. Necrophobia is derived from the Greek word for corpse, which is necros. Necrophobia is sometimes referred to as Thanatophobia which is taken from Thanatos, the Greek personification of death. The two terms are clinically interchangeable.

Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces. Read More

Monophobia is a fear of being alone. People who are monophobic may not feel safe, even at home if left alone. They may feel that they are unable to cope without a specific person in their lives. Read More